Maytag Centennial

Maytag centennial is a top brand washer that consists of various models. It is one of the top brands of washing machines that are known for durability and dependability.  A new washing machine like Maytag centennial was invented to deliver high performance.  The price of the machine is also very reasonable.

Maytag Centennial

Operations of Maytag Centennial
The operations of the machine are simple. It is controlled by simple dial controls. The body of the machine is strong. The body of the maytag machine is strong. It consists of many latest features that help in strong and efficient operations. If you are looking out for a washing machine with reliable operations then you must buy the may tag centennial machine.

The size of the machine depends upon model to model but the size of most of the models is 3.2 cubic-foot capacities. As it consists of wide opening lids, you can place many clothes into the machine.  If you want to set the machine at a speed or at a more sweeping mode, then you must set it to 100 degree arc position.  Even at this position your clothes are not compressed but are being washed gently.  If you want to wash delicate and tender clothes then you must set the position to 10. The clothes are rinsed in a very excellent way. Even your tiny dust particles from the shirts or clothes are washed away.  The people who have sensitive skin should use this machine because the clothes are not rinsed in a concentrated way.

Features of Maytag centennial
It performs the quietest operations.  It consists of a balance suspension, the vibration and noise of the machine is minimum. You must preferably keep this machine in a basement or laundry room. The model is durable. It consists of features of base frame, couplers and transmission that add a lot of strength to the machine. The steel bucket is layered with porcelain so that it is not affected by stains, odor and scratches.  It is soft to touch as it consists of panel trim, knobs, gold controls and shiny front.

This device is invented after experimenting since many years. It has a large capacity and the control buttons can be easily operated. But it is not a very popular model that is listed by the Energy Star.  It consists of 120 V and 15 amps.  The depth of the machine is 27 inches.  It consists of two speed panels. It can be also set to 4 kinds of temperatures. It also consists of bleach dispenser and consists of a feature of pre-wash soak cycle.

It consists of several models and the popular model is MTW580.  Some of the newly introduced models of Maytag centennial consist of many advanced features such as Intellli Clean Impeller, Stainless steel, steel wash bucket etc.  you can rinse your clothes from the machine in 5 cycles to 11 cycles. Most of the models are available in white color. Due to the Auto load sensing they can accommodate more capacity of clothes.  Many people over the world prefer the product of Maytag centennial.